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Prom dress dreams come true

WEUP-FM radio personality, Lashay B, put on her annual prom dress drive and had young ladies from high schools all over North Alabama come and pick out a dress.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Many young ladies across the Tennessee Valley were able to pick out the prom dress of their dreams. This was all made possible by a local radio personality Lashay B, from station 103.1 FM.

How did it feel finding the perfect dress?

I just knew that it was the one, like first, I like rose gold color and I just thought it would look good and how my hairs' gonna be, I just knew it was the one," said Yada Winston, senior, Russellville High School.

"It felt amazing, like magic, I wanted to cry but I ain't cry, but I really wanted to cry tears of joy," said Jamena Caloway, senior, Florence High School.

"I seen my favorite color purple and I had seen that dress and it stood out to me the most. I already had a vision of a dress that's just puffy at the bottom," said Emoni McLeod-Troupe, senior, Athens High School.

Why is having a prom so important, especially now, compared to last year?

"We just had a little get-together but we didn't get to see other schools [they] couldn't come. So, I think it's a blessing to be able to have this my last year," said Winston.

"I don't think class of '20 got to get a prom, so yeah, I'm just glad they're giving us one, cause I really wanted to have one," said Caloway.

"Through all the stuff in the virus, I never thought I'd have a prom, but it's a blessing because now I can just be able to enjoy my senior year prom," said McLeod-Troupe.

"This is my first prom experience and you know, we didn't get to have homecoming and you know, my whole sophomore experience was like ruined, I didn't get to experience it at all," said Nola Bearden, junior, Madison County High School.

What are you most excited about when it comes to prom this year?

"Being able to enjoy my senior year with my friends one last time, cause you know we're all going to college, the army, all that," said McLeod-Troupe.

"I'm excited to dance," said Bearden.

"I'm just ready to go out to eat, and enjoy the food and take pictures, that's what I want to do," said Winston.

"Prom is like a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Emariah grant, junior, Bob Jones High School.

"We have to make some memories," said Jordan Meade, senior, James Clemens High School.

Around 30 young ladies found the perfect dress today but if you or someone you know is still in search of that perfect prom dress, Lashay B will have them at 2609 Jordan Lane, Huntsville, AL 35816, across from the Woody Anderson Ford dealership.  

To get into contact with Lashay B about coming by to look at the remaining prom dresses you can inbox her through the Lashay B's Prom Dress Drive Facebook page.

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