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Madison County prepares for Election Day with machine testing

Election Day is Next Tuesday November 8th.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Next Tuesday, many will line local polling locations to cast their vote in this year's election and today in Madison County, the public got a chance to test the voting machines. Probate Judge Frank Barger was on hand to answer questions the public may have.

 "We had a public test of all of our voting equipment today at a time that we scheduled on the Wednesday prior to every election," Barger stated." It is to allow the general public, any party official, any candidate to come in and randomly test any piece of technology that we used in the elections process. It is critical to transparency and ensuring that we have a high level of confidence in our voting systems."

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Judge Barger knows the process can be intimidating which is why he feels this process helps give transparency. "I think transparency in something that is so critical, voting impacts every single one of us," Barger stated. And so to have transparency and to be available to answer questions, to allow folks to shoot holes in the process, if you will, is extremely important to ensure that we are doing what the law requires. and again, that there is a high level of security and integrity in our elections process."

While voting can seem like an easy process, for those with disabilities, the process can be challenging. In order to serve all, there is a special machine available for those who need additional help.

"We have something in place at all of our physical polling locations referred to as an express vote machine, it's also an easy piece of equipment, " Barger stated. "It is a marking device, it's not a tabulator, but it is a device that allows an individual with any type of limitation, whether it's an issue with sight, whether it's a physical health issue, a vision issue. It allows that individual to mark their ballot without the assistance of anyone. It's an extremely good piece of equipment that ensures folks have access and can make their selections in a private way."

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