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In an effort to cut down on pet surrenders, one local organization is giving out pet food for free

The Greater Huntsville Humane Society recognizes that people are falling on hard times when it comes to feeding not only themselves, but their pets too.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "So, pet surrenders are up, a lot of people right now have the choice between whether to put food on the table for themselves or their kids, or to feed their pet and that's something that we don't want anybody to have to, a choice that we don't want anybody to have to make," said Lane Clemons, Director of Advancement, at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

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The humane society was handing out food, free of questions and contact.

And beyond today they have a program that gives out pet food twice a month, but being enrolled does require paperwork and the amount of food received is based on the size and species of your pet.

"I mean, everybody is in it together, we're all experiencing, you know, hard times. We welcome you with open arms, don't feel ashamed for not being able to feed your pet right now and getting them and your family food right now is what's most important," said Clemons

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Having a pet can bring so much joy to people and when you adopt an animal, you are expected to take care of them, to treat them like a part of the family. Sometimes, pet food can cause financial strain on people.

By giving out this free food, people are able to take care of their animals like they should.

"Especially since our pets have brought us through this pandemic, and for many people that's the only source of contact they had with, you know, something else. But, you know, we've all been in this alone, it kind of feels like, but our pets have brought us so much joy this year that we gotta take care of them," said Clemons. 

The humane society functions solely off donations, so if you have extra pet food or are just feeling generous, donating could help keep a dog from going back to a shelter.

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