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Flooding in Arab: Roads, homes and lives impacted

Many were impacted by the serious amount of rain that fell in Marshall county but many roads, homes and people were impacted by this flooding.

ARAB, Alabama — Roads...

"This morning we saw a van like, flipped over," said Henry.


"My friends kept sending me pictures last night of like, their basement and how their whole yard is like flooded with like three feet of water," said Macy.


"Maybe 10-12 inches of rain or better in about five hour period. That's more rain than we've ever had here before and that's the highest I've ever seen the water here," said Hal Reed.

And lives impacted...

"But then when we went down the street, we saw how much luckier we were than the people down there," said Reed.

"It started coming in through the garage, a little bit at a time and then it came through a lot and started pushing the garage doors and then it was within 10-15 minutes it was six-eight feet, I went outside and I drove was washed-washing away," said Clayton Landers.

Memories of the Landers family were washed away alongside that truck...

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"There's some stuff, like my stuff, I don't care about but it's the pictures and the school projects and, you know, the baby clothes and you know it's just one thing, one thing after another, they're scattered everywhere," said Landers.

Out of this grieve, something else was put in the spotlight... a helping hand.

Not only from the friends and family of the landers but from the community as a whole.

"We heard of all the needs, the water being out, the sewage overspilling into the waterway and so we just thought, 'hey man, it's a perfect time to to go out and show the love of Jesus to our community and so that's what we're doing," said Campus Pastor of Desperation Church, Kenneth Royal.

Flooding in Marshall County was so bad that kids were excused from school but this wasn't good news for everyone.

"It's not fun," said Zaiden.

Because regardless of severe weather, life must go on.

"Because I was going to be the line leader on Friday, and now I can't be the line leader on Friday and it was also game day," said Zaiden.

And, fortunately, for Clayton Landers and his family, even though there was a loss of material things... his life will go on as well.

"I don't know, I mean, I'm alive. You know, I was here by myself, luckily, my wife and kids were not here, the animals were not here, but I got out alive. You know all the sentimental stuff it may be hard, but it's, you know, I got my life," said Clayton.

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