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Clerk uses machete to defend against robbers armed with knife

Two Huntsville men are behind bars after police say they tried to rob a convenience store while armed with a large knife.
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Two men were arrested after police say they tried to rob a convenience store while armed with a large knife. Unfortunately for them, the store clerk happened to have a larger knife – a machete – and used it to defend himself.

Police say it started when 32-year-old Seth Holcomb went into the store and bought something, then walked back and forth to his car before going to the counter and pulling his knife to demand cash.

The clerk, 43-year-old Sewar Augistine of Huntsville, pulled out a machete and when the Holcomb tried to leave, Augistine auto-locked the door and called police. The ensuing fight tore up the store before Holcomb threw an object through the glass door to make his getaway. Both men went through the broken door and Augistine got a better look at the the car and the woman in it.

The woman, later identified as 33-year-old Laney Nickleson, attempted to take on Augustine with her own knife.

While that was going on, the offender (Holcomb) went back into the store and took the cash drawer. The pair took off in the car, but not before the clerk beat up the car with his machete so he could, in his words, “visibly mark the vehicle so police could easily recognize it…”

The alleged robbers were caught nearby on North Memorial Parkway near University and arrested. There were no serious injuries and no medical treatment was needed beyond first aid.