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Brand new mixed-use development coming to South Huntsville

A Huntsville family of developers is planning to transform South Huntsville.

A local family of developers is planning to transform South Huntsville. 

According to Madison County District 5 Commissioner Phil Riddick, this new 850-acre project, known as Hays Farm, will bring housing, restaurants, retail and nature preserves. 

“It’ll be really nice for the folks living over there. They’ll have lots of walkable areas to stroll and take walks and ride bikes and things like that,” he said. 

The new construction will revamp the Haysland Square Shopping Center off Haysland Road as well as develop the open space near the new Grisson High School. Riddick says the housing development will include condominiums and townhouses. 

Riddick mentioned this area saw a bit of a decline after the construction of Memorial Parkway just last year. This new development will hopefully bring in new residents, and new customers. 

“That many extra homes will be attractive to retailers and restaurants and things like that.”

The development design will look similar to the Providence community. Riddick says the village-like atmosphere is something South Huntsville could use. He hopes this new project will help cater to all folks in the area. 

“Huntsville is growing very fast. There’s a lot of people that grew up in South Huntsville who maybe have moved away and have come back and want to relocate here for good and this is great [for them]. And then there’s people who live down there now that have been there a long time that want to age in place and this is great for them too,” he said. 

A community meeting will be held at the Grisson High School Autitorium on May 30th at 6 p.m. Developers will be there to answer any questions regarding the project.