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Blossomwood parents address concerns following accidental shooting on campus

Parents filled the cafeteria of Blossomwood Elementary Tuesday night.

Parents filled the cafeteria of Blossomwood Elementary Tuesday night. They came to hear what changes the Huntsville School District is making so that the accidental shooting that happened Monday, doesn’t happen again.

“Feeling of helplessness, not knowing exactly which kids were involved, if any of my kids were involved, was the initial and just getting back to my family,” expressed father Brian Lazenby.

Parents are concerned about not being notified immediately, after a student accidentally shot another in the hand at Blossomwood Elementary on Monday.

“I know I wasn’t the only parent to not understand and know what was going on, in fact the incident happened where my second grader was in that particular class, as well. You would hope at least that particular class and those parents would be alerted first,” Lazenby continued.

The principal of Blossomwood admits the school waited too long to notify parents. He suggested assigning a designated person to make those calls. Moving forward the school will also have extra security on campus. 

“We step that up. We had two CSO’s on campus today along with extra SRO, that were dispatched by our sergeant, to make sure that your children are safe,” explained AL Lankford HCS Security Coordinator.

The board is also proposing a clear backpack policy, district-wide. “The clear backpacks, I do believe it’s a deterrent, I do not believe it’s the solution, that’s why if you look at the next step I want to hear what you think,” said Superintendent Christie Finley. 

The district is putting together a school safety task force to hold parents accountable. “Parent accountability will be part of the one thing that I will be addressing today, it’s part of moving forward not just for Huntsville City Schools not just for the state of Alabama but for a nation we have a problem,” expressed Finley.

A lot of parents really wanted to know how the students involved would be disciplined. The superintendent said the students have not returned to school and will face consequences.