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Aleisha Parker case now heading to grand jury

A preliminary hearing was held today for Madison County parents, Aleisha and Bradley Parker.
Aleisha Parker’s charge was reduced to manslaughter.

A preliminary hearing was held today for a Madison County couple accused of killing their son.

Aleisha and Bradley Parker were charged in August for the shooting death of their 1-year old son, Dante. District Judge Linda Coats heard different versions of the story given to investigators by the parties involved.

The case of Bradley Parker was dismissed, because the judge found no probable cause.

Aleisha Parker’s charge was reduced to manslaughter with the bond set at $5,000. Her case will now go to the grand jury.
The case was initially reported as an accidental shooting. Prior to the hearing, investigators believed the murder was not intentional, and the incident happened because of reckless behavior. The murder charge was based on reckless homicide.

The judge found no history if violence between the couple.

The shooting reportedly happened on Tybee Drive, shortly after 6 in the morning on August 25, 2018.
Madison County Coroner Deputy Tyler Berryhill confirmed that the infant died from a gunshot wound at Huntsville Hospital.

There were conflicting statements made.

According to Aleisha Parker, she got the gun from a side table. The gun went off when she tripped down the stairs, then Bradley Parker came down stairs to see what happened. She later stated that Bradley came down stairs with a gun.

According to Bradley Parker, he heard a loud noise and found Aleisha with the gun near the baby. He said he wanted to prevent his wife from harming herself, so he tried to take the gun away. During the struggle to get the gun, the infant was shot.

Investigators decided Aleisha had the gun, and the shooting happened while they were fighting over the weapon.