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Adopting a pet can lead to a healthier life

Adopting a pet can make the owner more active and improve their overall health.

Hundreds of animal lovers came out to the Fido Fest in Huntsville. Several pet friendly businesses were set up to share information about adoption and to support the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

Volunteers at the event say that adopting a pet isn’t just good for the animal, but it can also benefit the owner’s mental health.

Friends of Rescue volunteer, Katie Smith, said, “By adopting a pet, we’re not only rescuing them, but in a way, they’re rescuing us. They make us happy. They give us a purpose in life.”

Studies show that having a pet can reduce stress and lonliness. Having a furry friend as part of the family can even lower the risk of heart disease.

Dog owner, Alanah Reed, said her dog helped her through depression.

“I went through this huge period of just being upset for no good reason, and I couldn’t quite understand what was going on inside my own body, so I was able to get out of that just because my dog would make me get out of that,” said Reed.

Having or just being around animals can benefit the emotional health of kids with autism, prison inmates, and veterans with PTSD. Adopting a pet can also make the owner more active and can improve their overall health.