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Added headaches for business owners on S. Memorial Pkwy.

Construction on S. Memorial Pkwy. continues to cause headaches for business owners.

Construction on the Parkway is being blamed for huge losses. One business owner says she’s been barely hanging on.

The city is working with ALDOT to help provide temporary solutions.

“I have owned this business for 11 years, ” Angel Azar.   

Construction on South Parkway is coming at a cost for business owners.

“The first three months when it started, I was down about 40 percent, ” said Azar.  

Angel Azar is the owner of Main Street Cafe. It’s hidden so you cannot see it from the Parkway.

“People kind of started to get the hang of it and my customer base was picking back up and we were doing really well again, ” said Azar.  

Last week, a traffic signal at Boulevard S. was removed.

“That was a total shock and nobody was prepared for that. I wasn’t prepared for that, ” said Azar.  

Azar hs two years remaining in her lease. With two years left in her lease. She says just trying to keep her business up and running.

“We have lost a lot of our business from the Arsenal. They only have a short period of time for lunch, ” said Azar.

Azar says her customers have told her they just do not have time to get through the congestion and make it back to work on time.

“These access signs will help customer find access to their favorite businesses, ” said City Council woman Jennie Robinson.  

Signs were created in response to recent complaints over the traffic light changes. Another option is rerouting traffic.
Owners are encouraged to hand out graphics to their customers which show alternate routes that could help them avoid the traffic mess.

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get people in here, ” said Azar.  

The business association also plans to host more festivals. An effort to bring people in to patronize businesses.

Traffic engineers anticipate traffic being back up and running on the N. bound service roads in August.

Engineers say they are at about 30% completion overall.