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A man paralyzed by a distracted driver is using his story to change lives

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB) – A man’s life is forever changed by a distracted driver. Tyson Dever spoke to students at Texas State Techn...

SWEETWATER, Texas (KTAB) – A man’s life is forever changed by a distracted driver. Tyson Dever spoke to students at Texas State Technical College in Sweetwater about how driving without your complete focus on the road can change your’s or someone else’s life in an instant.

With how well Tyson Dever moves in a wheelchair you would think he has a lifetime of experience, but that wasn’t always the case.

“I played football and baseball in high school, a little bit of college baseball,” Dever said.

March 11, 2005 his life was forever changed.

“That’s when a fully loaded cement truck, traveling close to 70 miles per hour, hit my car and went completely over the top of it and when he did he knocked me into oncoming traffic and a Nissan Xterra hit me from the other way,” Dever said.

He was paralyzed from the waist down.

“All of a sudden at a snap of a finger now you’re placed into a wheel chair,” Dever said.

He didn’t let that ruin his life. 

“I didn’t have a choice on what happened to me but i did have a choice on how I responded to it,” Dever said.

Instead it motivates him to share his story. 

“You know the thing that inspires me the most is what I get to do.  I mean this isn’t a job for me. I feel blessed to be given a stage to talk about distracted driving, to talk about engagement, to talk about overcoming obstacles and helping make a difference in the lives of others.  I mean it truly is what inspires me daily,” Dever said.

Today, another piece of his journey was complete.  He met the woman who helped save his life after that crash.

“I wasn’t really comprehending what I was seeing until it had happened,” Ashley Simpson said recalling the accident.  “We immediately stopped the truck and got out and I ran to the cement truck and called 911 and my boyfriend at the time ran to Tyson’s vehicle where Tyson was still alive and in need of help and with the help of a couple other guys my boyfriend helped pull him up out of the car and into the grass and by that time I had gotten to the corvette and I always remember the moment Tyson hit the grass is the moment his car went up in flames and I knew we were the right second at the right time.”

“If it wasn’t for those guys I’m not here. I mean there’s just no way.  I mean the way that they responded it was a miracle,” Dever said.

He will continue to share his experience that he hopes, will in turn, also save someones life.  Dever said he wouldn’t change anything about his accident and hopes he inspired the students to stay focused on the road.