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Unzipped: 35801 | Old Town, Twickenham, Five Points

35801 covers some of the most historic neighborhoods in Huntsville, plus a thriving downtown.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — 35801 consists of Old Town, Twickenham, and Five Points...all of which are very sought out places to live in Huntsville...

And unfortunately for buyers, that's reflected in the price tags of homes there. It costs a bit to live in the number one place to live in the U.S.

Old Town is the oldest neighborhood in Huntsville. Back in the day, this area was very unique because all the merchants and tradesmen used to live there, and they added heavily to the downtown economy. They were the ones who vended at the town square. 

But just because this part of town is older, that doesn't mean it's any less expensive.

In Huntsville overall, home prices have jumped more than 20% in the past year. From March 2021 to March 2022, real estate is up 22%

The median price of homes in Madison County is around $295,000, but in downtown and neighborhoods like Old Town and Twickenham, that median price jumps to $395,000.

According to one real estate agent we talked to, in Twickenham, some of those prices are in the millions. Shalu Singh Holman of Engel & Volkers Real Estate says that the homes sit on larger lot and the property value constitutes both the square footage of the home and the lot size, making homes in Twickenham more expensive than anywhere else in downtown.

This area may be expensive to live in, but it's also rich in history similar to Old Town, and in some cases, the homes are even older.

Five Points is nearby, and while the homes here may be shorter in height compared to the other two areas, they are definitely not lacking in character.

A realtor says, "You do you get some character homes here. A lot of people love those character homes instead of buying a brand new home, which is nice and wonderful, but to have that history and that character. It's really something that attracts people and you'll see that in those prices."

Like Old Town and Twickenham, Five Points also has historic roots, and even though the homes are smaller, the location, character, and history behind them make them highly sought after. 

The realtor continues, "They want to keep that uniqueness and the historical aspect of it, too. That goes along with that being unique and being not like the other neighborhoods and keeping that to keeping that feeling inside of a neighborhood."

35801 is more than just the zip code for downtown Huntsville. It's a place of history, wealth, and flare that make us the best place to live in the country. 

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