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There may be a new way to help keep your new year's resolution... Dancing!

More specifically, salsa dancing. This could be a refreshing and fun way to not only break a sweat but to learn a new skill.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Not every New Year's resolution involves fitness, but during this time of year many feel motivated to better their health through exercise. 

A local salsa instructor has recently moved her classes online due to the pandemic, but that isn't stopping her from teaching or dancing. It also gives those who want to dance the opportunity to stay safe and active from home. 

"Salsa dancing is a lot of fun, I've been dancing now for 20 years, and I've never gotten bored of it because with salsa there's always something to learn. Like, you're never gonna stop learning, so it never becomes boring, and so you don't feel like you're exercising, right?" said Gabriela Gonzalez, salsa instructor at Baila Huntsville. 

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There are four classes in total, two for beginners and two for more experienced dancers. Monday's are for the level 1 classes, and Wednesday's are for level 2 classes. There is also the option to do solo footwork classes or partner work classes at both levels.  


- Level 1 salsa footwork @ 6:30pm

- Level 1 salsa partner work @ 7:30pm


- Level 2 salsa footwork @ 6:30pm

- Level 2 salsa partner work @ 7:30pm

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It's $45 a month for four classes or $12 per class if you choose to buy them individually. There are recordings available of the classes that you purchase, in case you missed something, something came up or you just want a little more practice. 

If you are thinking about learning a new skill, while also trying to keep up with your New Year's resolution, sign up here

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