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Virtual hiring event for transitioning soldiers, veterans and spouses

Since the pandemic began, unemployment among veterans has increased and for their spouses, the rate is 24 percent but there's some help arriving tomorrow.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — RecruitMilitary's mission is to put transitioning soldiers, veterans and their spouses in touch with potential employers. 

The hiring company says that serving their country can make veterans become one of a company's greatest assets.

"When civilian organizations are looking to hire veterans, you know, they don't have to start from scratch when they hire these individuals. They come out of the military with that background, that dedication, the ambition, the adaptability all that stuff, that you know, organizations' gonna want to hire," said RecruitMilitary Event Director, Allen F. Von Plinsky. 

There will be over 100 employers at tomorrow's events, with positions in various fields.

"Distribution, to logistics, to supply chain, to retail, to engineering, government contracting, finance," said Von Plinsky.

This virtual event brings thousands of job opportunities to veterans and their spouses, but there is some work to be done by those attending.

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There will be over 100 employers in attendance and thousands of positions to choose from

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"It's gonna be a lot of fun to kind of navigate that system, now, its gonna be, on the reverse side, a little bit of work to do for the veteran when they come in," said Von Plinsky. 

Von Plinsky, a veteran himself, says doing research on potential employers is the most important.

"Just go on there and kind of do some research, you know, see what companies are out there but that's probably the biggest thing in being prepared," said Von Plinsky. 

As well as...

"Make sure your resume is good to go, make sure your profile on our system is good to go cause clients, once you get into that virtual event and start engaging with a client they have access to your profile and they can click on your resume and see your background," said Von Plinsky.

He also reminds people to dress professionally and to familiarize themselves with virtual video chatting.

"Their attire, making sure they look professional online and haircut, and you know that kind of stuff. So, those are kinda the biggest tips that we can offer kinda heading in there and then obviously, the biggest one too is getting accustomed to a virtual event if you've never done it," said Von Plinsky.

Von Plinsky says the website is user-friendly but that once you sign up there is a tutorial you can watch to help prepare you for the event.

To register for the virtual hiring event, click here.

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