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Summer camp is in high demand, but here's why your kid may be stuck at home this year

Summer camps are having a problem with staffing which means your kids could be stuck on the couch this year.

Now that school is winding down it’s time for summer camp right? 

Well, a serious shortage of counselors could leave some kids on the couch this year.

Summer camp in high demand

As summer vacation kicks into gear and coronavirus cases fall, a lot of kids and their parents are looking forward to summer camp.

Also, thanks to the child tax credit, more families can afford what can be a pricey expenditure. But like a lot of businesses, summer camps are having trouble getting enough workers and that is forcing some to limit the admission or close altogether.

While the camp counselor shortage is similar to the staffing crunch other businesses are suffering, there’s also another COVID side effect.

A lot of camps rely on foreign workers on temporary visas to staff everything — from the arts and crafts cabin to the lifeguard chair. And because of travel restrictions and processing problems, those visas are tough to come by.

In order to apply for the so-called J-1 Visa, applicants have to show up in person at a U.S. Embassy. 

Right now, some of those embassies are operating with limited hours or are still closed because of coronavirus. 

Usually, over 25,000 counselors get those visas to come to camp. Last year, it was just over 200. 

There's no word how many will eventually get approved this year.