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Huntsville's animal shelter needs your help

Huntsville Animal Services posted on Facebook saying that there are around 80 dogs at the shelter right now who may be euthanized if they're not adopted soon.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There are plenty of animals to adopt or foster at Huntsville Animal Services, and they're counting on the community to re-home these pets. 

Dr. Karen Sheppard, Director of Huntsville Animal Services, says, "It seems the story of our lives always tell everyone its like a roller coaster here. Right now were at a woooo! Really high intake of animals. We have such amazing dogs here needing homes and needing families. 

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 If dogs aren't adopted, they could be euthanized to create more space. 

Dr. Sheppard went on to say, "The most important thing is we run out of kennels, we can't provide humane housing, so, unfortunately we do have to euthanize some of the dogs to make open kennels."

Kerri Davis drove from out of town to adopt a six month old puppy named Dozier after seeing him online earlier today; and that's how fast the animal shelter is hoping that things will move in the next few days. 

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Kerri Davis said, "Well we actually had a Miniature Schnauzer for 11 years that we had to put down last month, actually March 21st, so exactly thirty days. So, we've been considering getting another dog at the house."

 And if you aren't ready to adopt an animal, fostering helps too. 

Dr. Sheppard ended with, "If you can foster a dog just for two or three nights when you bring them back and you're able to tell all of the great things about them, like that they're house broken, like that they're good with your children, that they love going on leash walks, that they were good with their bath. Well, guess what, we put all of that information in the computer and share it with the public and on their kennel cards and guess what, they all get adopted."

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