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Lisa & Ronald Heard, Valley's First Responder April 2022

Bobo Volunteer Fire Department's Chief Ronald Heard, and his wife and crewmember, Lisa Heard, have been serving for 42 years.

ARDMORE, Ala. — A couple’s love for service goes so deep, that they’ve been serving for the Bobo Volunteer Fire Department, in Madison County, for forty-two years and counting.

Keneisha Deas says their names are Lisa and Ronald Heard, and they are this month’s Valleys First Responders!

Meet Bobo Volunteer Fire Department crew member Lisa Heard, and her husband, The Chief, Ronald Heard.

“We have been here since September of 1980, and we're very proud of it,” said Lisa.

They've been married since 1970. The volunteer fire department had only been established in 1974, and they cover areas including Ardmore, Toney, and Hazelgreen.  

“He [Ronald] got his license, in 1983, his EMT license. I got mine in ‘87, and we’ve just been doing it ever since,” said Lisa.

Lisa said she’s experienced her own set of challenges. “Competing with the men. When he [Ronald] joined the women were only allowed to clean and cook. That was basically it for several years. I fought like a dog to get where the women were accepted up here like the men. But you know, the women have come a long way and I'm proud of it,” she said.

Ronald said money was a big hurdle too. “Our biggest challenge with funding, of course, it always is. The need for equipment, and trucks and that type of stuff.” 

The couple even survived the onset of the pandemic. “It was terror...The people have needed, they needed the help. We try to provide our people with the equipment that they needed, the N95 masks, the gowns, the gloves. We've tried to provide all of that when we could get it," said Lisa.

When asked where does Lisa and her husband see each other in 42 years?

“Retired! We would love to be able to say that we hope we would still be here. But in our stage of life, we know that's not possible. Sometimes you have to come to a realization that you don't live forever, but we are working on getting people to fill in, come step up and take over when we are out,” said Lisa.

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