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10-year-old Malachi Mason is a Neighborhood Hero

Malachi Mason is 10 years old and spends his free time helping those less fortunate.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Malachi Mason is our youngest neighborhood hero yet. 

Most fifth graders may be worried about the hottest video game dropping or the newest pair of shoes coming out. 10-year-old Malachi could do whatever he wanted with his free time but he's choosing to help those less fortunate in Huntsville.

Jeannette Roberson, Malachi's mom, says, "A neighborhood is a community of people working together to help each other and a hero is just someone that pretty much saves the day... all the time."

Malachi Mason makes goodie bags for those less fortunate, but Malachi likes to call them something else, something a little more special. He calls them 'blessing bags' because giving them "is like giving a blessing to somebody."

The bags include things like rain ponchos, hand sanitizer, face masks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant.

He chooses to use his free time blessing others in his community, but he doesn't do this out of boredom. These blessing bags come from a place of gratitude. Mason says, "'Cause I would say I will, I be doing fine and I don't like to see other people struggle. I like to help them out. 

Malachi's mother adds, "He's able to have everything that he needs or wants out of life. So, I just had to inspire him or instill into him to, 'Hey, share what you have with other people.' especially those that are less fortunate."

And his mom says that giving to those who go without also gives them self-esteem, dignity, love, and hope. 

One of the destinations for the blessings bags is the Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen. Rose of Sharon CEO Theresa Wilson says that having heroes like Malachi in your neighborhood makes for a better tomorrow because, "His heart is already in the making, that when he grows up, he's going to be centered on others and not just himself. and those kinds of people do great things in our community."

Mason looks up to Wilson, saying, "Seeing her do something every day and having this big of a building with this much food, makes me want to do the same thing when I get older."

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