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Marquitte Moore, Neighborhood Hero, August 2021

Having someone you can depend on can make the world a better place, and dependability is exactly what makes this month's neighborhood hero special.
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Marquitte Moore, Neighborhood Hero for August 2021

UNION GROVE, Ala. — Do you have someone you can depend on? Having that person can make the world a better place, and dependability is exactly what made this month’s neighborhood hero, Marquitte Moore of Union Grove, stand out.

Tonia Moore, Marquitte's step-daughter, tells us about her:

"It doesn't make a dang what time it is during the night. I have seen her go in at two o'clock in the morning and pick up somebody from the hospital, that's what you call a Neighborhood Hero. Marquitte to me is - she's not only my mom, she's my inspiration, she's my angel, she's my everything. There's never been a time I have not been able to call her and she will not be there. There's never been a time I cannot just pick up the phone - just need someone to talk to, she's there. She'll go miles and miles to pick you up from any hospital, anywhere, anything - she would do anything for everybody."

Neighbor Laurel Hayes nominated Moore as a Neighborhood Hero. She says, "She does so much for so many people. Angel on earth. On any given day... she knows what day Piggly Wiggly has pork chops on sale. [Someone] who needs to go to the courthouse or social security department and she just... goes and does."

And as for Marquitte? She explains why she cares for her neighbors. "I just don't do it for recognition, I just do it because it's the godly thing to do, 'cause I know how it feels not to have no friends and nobody and somebody needs to help everybody they can."

And about what she does?

"Well, I just take them everywhere that they need to go or I'll go help them clean their house. I take them to their doctor's appointments or wherever they need to go, the grocery store and...as far as I can remember, I've always wanted to help people even when I was a little girl. I went to my neighbor's house and help them clean and help them cook and stuff, just be there with them and they were elderly and I help them and then it got started, when I was about seven or eight."

Her dependability not only makes her a great friend, but it makes her stand out in today's world. Her friend Laurel Hayes says, "She upholds her word and a lot of people don't do that."

Do you know someone who should be recognized as a Neighborhood Hero? Click here to nominate them.

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