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Thanksgiving's over. Should you get a coronavirus test after spending time with family?

An infectious disease expert said people should be careful about contracting Coronavirus after any kind of gathering.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — One infectious disease specialist is stressing after Thanksgiving or any kind of gathering it’s important to remain careful.  

Recommending you should get a COVID test even if you’re asymptomatic.    

“There’s always the chance that someone around you is asymptomatic but can still give you the disease,” said Dr. Steve Threlkeld of Baptist Memorial Hospital. “If you’re around any large gatherings monitoring your symptoms is of course the most important thing to do.”   

Threlkeld said while Thanksgiving might be over, you may have been exposed to COVID-19 during your holiday gathering.    

“I’ve been pleased with how many people did keep the gathering small but there’s certainly a lot who didn’t, and I think we worry that in the midst of an upsurge we could see sort of a surge on top of a surge.”  

The incubation period or the time from exposure until you show symptoms is between two to 14 days.  

“We’ve typically recommended 5 to 7 days before doing a screening test in that regard if you remain asymptomatic,” said the doctor.   

How will the Thanksgiving holiday impact COVID-19 numbers? It will not be immediate.   

“We really may not see the biggest push of yesterday’s exposures until near Christmas, even so, that’s what we really worry about,” said Threlkeld.   

He also urges families who are visiting for the weekend to remain vigilant.   

“If it’s someone from out of town who’s normally not living with you, it helps for the rest of this weekend to all the time you’re together to you know try to do things outdoors when you can."