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Here's how people in Athens celebrated MLK Jr. Day this year!

For many, today is a day to celebrate MLK Jr. and shamelessly take a day off, but for one group of folks in Athens, there was no time to sit at home this holiday.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — When you think of Martin Luther King, Jr. you may think of his infamous 'I Have a Dream' speech, or you may think of the 900 plus roadways all across the United States named after him. 

When it comes to the people of Limestone County, especially the young people here, what comes to mind... is his impact.

"He tries to get people to do good in the world and I see that as like an opportunity for other people to come out and to be like him, more like him," said 8th-grade student, Kailey. 

These young minds were so inspired by the teachings of MLK Jr. that they expressed their admiration through the written word and art; remixing his original messages into their own.

"He told people to not be mean and to love each other. So, I just wanted people to know not to hate, to love," said 4th-grade student, Sabree.

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"We want this world to be like... great. We want this world to be, not perfect, but great enough to where we can live in it and everybody can be living their life normal. So, we want those few words just to come out and speak to others so everybody can change and have a different way of changing the world," said Kailey.

Adults are taking notice of this initiative to do the right thing and can rest assured knowing that these are the leaders of tomorrow.

"If you could see some of the messages behind the artwork, it's really amazing that these young people have so much feeling about not only bullying but living up and respecting each other. And that is critical as we try to learn, train and educate our children. Hats off to the teachers, to their parents, and especially to these young people that took the time to invest in this," said Mayor of the City of Athens, Ronnie Marks.

"They inspire me to know that we have a future of people, a diverse group of people... children today, adults tomorrow... that are seeking unity with their essays, with their art and want to seek a better Alabama, a better Athens, a better United States of America and overall a better world, for all of us," Serving President of Limestone County NAACP, Wilbert Woodruff.

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