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Life is starting to get back to normal for many in the valley

305 8th Street has vaccinated its residents. This will allow them to go back to work and interact with the world around them again.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Now that the 305 8th Street residents have received their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, they're ready to take on the world and get back to a somewhat normal life.

"Today marks the 14th day for everyone total to have a second vaccine," said Cydney Amos, program coordinator at 305 8th Street.

"I feel safer and also I feel excellent," said Thomas Anderton, resident.

"I'm feeling safe and being able to do what I normally do: back to work, church, family," Jeanne Case, resident.

"It feels excellent, I am ready to take on the world," said Jeffrey Scarborough, resident.

"200 percent I am ready to go back to normal life," said Anderton.

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Life during the age of quarantine kept residents inside, left them bored and handed them some setbacks.

"Played video games, listened to music, watched movies on my TV" said Anderton.

"I felt held back somewhat," said Scarborough.

But all three of these residents share a common excitement to get back to one place in particular - work.

"I'm looking forward to going back to work," said Scarborough.

"Making money and seeing my friends, it feels wonderful and I wanna make some money," said Case.

"Well, looking for jobs and being able to go back to work," said Anderton.

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They also shared excitement for interacting with people and the world around them again.

"You know, we're like a family here, so, they're like siblings and if you've been cooped up in your house with your siblings for a long time, you know, you get kind of antsy and you wanna see other people and so I think a lot of them just really missed other people interaction," said Amos.

"Meeting people!" said Scarborough.

"Meeting new people and just taking on the world," said Anderton.

"I have a boyfriend, so I am excited to go back on a date," said Case.

If things continue in this positive direction and more people are vaccinated, this could be the reality we live in after a long, global pandemic.

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