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A military man lights up a soldier tree filled with handwritten notes

Rosie's International Services, Inc. hosts the lighting of the soldier tree in honor of those who are deployed away from their loved ones during the holidays
Credit: WZDX
Deployed members of the military were honored with a lighting of a soldier tree.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The lighting of a soldier tree took place at Huntsville-Morgan County Public Library. 

Two soldiers, alongside their families watched as another soldier, Sergeant Manuel Romo, of the U.S. Army lit up the Christmas tree. 

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The tree was covered from top to bottom in handwritten cards addressed to those who serve in the military. 

Sgt. Romo says it's a great feeling to receive a card while you are overseas during the holidays. 

The handwritten cards come from many places: Academy for Academic and Arts Magnet School, Madison County Elementary, New Hope Elementary, Mae Jemison High School, McDonnell Elementary, Williams Middle School, and Seminole Boys and Girls Club.

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"It's great when the local communities really show support to the service members. I've been over seas a few times, I know personally, first hand, that the holiday time period can be rough but it's great when there's a lot of stuff that's going to get sent overseas to service members and it's great to have that token of appreciation, that sign that someone cares back home for you," said Romo. 

Those handwritten cards are sure to bring some holiday cheer and a smile to the faces of those who serve our country overseas. 

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