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Even after all the sacrifices healthcare workers have made this year, they find it in their hearts to give to children this holiday season

The Heart of the Valley YMCA received approximately 120 gifts from HEMSI, Huntsville Emergency Medical Services, Inc., and those kids were nothing short of excited

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — There was so much excitement at a local YMCA today, as HEMSI pulled up and dropped off presents.

"This is gonna top them all, even for our children, if you heard them say "this is the best Christmas ever" because we have really downplayed, not knowing what we'd be able to do for them this year, so for them to actually see what they got and for them to be able to open up their gifts, they were just excited," said Erin Ledet, Executive Director of Childcare at The Heart of the Valley YMCA. 

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Healthcare workers have been the heroes of 2020. They have already done so much for their communities. And even after all they've done, they are still willing to do something more for the holidays.

"This year, thankful that people were giving, and their hearts were full, they got two gifts this year. They got two gifts. And not only the gifts they will be getting, they were actually to get enough gifts for one of our other locations with very similar demographics," said Ledet. 

And speaking of demographics, people from all walks of life will be helped through this act of kindness. 

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"We have all demographics, so we have some young parents, and we have some grandparents that are taking care of these children. And there are several families in our center that has been affected, so just making sure we take care of the child and the families," said Ledet. "This takes the light off of the families, it helps them with their expenses. We have gone through a time of sickness, we've gone through a time where people were laid off, not working, all of these gifts are just extra for these babies that may not have even gotten gifts this year."

So, what could be better than kids getting truckloads of cool toys?

"Seeing their faces, when they saw that HEMSI and the paramedics pulled up they were so excited, a lot of the children that are out there, have been in our center since they were infants, so they know the routine," said Ledet. 

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