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WATCH: Couple of 60 years learns they will be great-grandparents with adorable poem

Even during quarantine, Jim and Judy Moore's family delivered once-in-a-lifetime news in the most special way!

ATHENS, Tenn. — Months of quarantine couldn't stop this East Tennessee family from spreading some good news to their loved ones in quarantine. 

In a heartwarming video that's 41 seconds of pure love, quarantined couple Judy and Jim Moore slowly realize they have a great-grandchild on the way! 

"Oh, that's wonderful! November!" Judy Moore can be heard saying in the video as her family laughs through the window. "I can't wait!"

Judy and Jim Moore have lived at Athens Place Assisted Living for just over a year. The couple has been separated from the rest of their loved ones since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.  

"We celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary there on March 13. Then came the coronavirus and we’ve not had any physical contact since," daughter Pat Newman told 10News. 

So, the family got creative and crafted up this creative way to tell Judy and Jim that they would be great-grandparents. 

Newman told 10News her son Ricky and his wife Laura are the expectant parents.  They were also able to snap this incredible photo of the moment her parents realized the good news! 

Credit: Pat Newman

The baby is due in November 2020. Congratulations Ricky and Laura! 

Credit: Pat Newman

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