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Corgi professor teaching life lessons in college classroom

Professor Colton is a trained service dog who helps Adjunct Professor Ginger Sirlin with her severe anxiety and PTSD.

PHOENIX — It's testing day at Paradise Valley Community College. Adjunct Professor Ginger Sirlin is seeing what the students know about unreasonable searches and seizures, and she has a little helper. 

Meet Professor Colton, a one-of-a-kind corgi who dresses pretty smart. He wears glasses, eye-catching jackets and makes sure that the students are paying attention ... to him. 

"Little bit of a de-stresser. I mean, how seriously can you take yourself when you walk in and there's a dog wearing glasses?" Sirlin said. 

Credit: 12 News
Adjunct Professor Ginger Sirlin and Professor Colton wait for students to turn in their exams.

Professor Colton is not just an academic, he's an adorable fashion model. He has his own Instagram @corgiclubcolton, where he shows off his various little outfits. He has gained more than 300,000 followers. 

Sirlin and Colton have been teaching classes at PVCC since 2009. A trained service dog, Professor Colton helps Sirlin with her severe anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

"He literally goes everywhere with me, and so he's my sidekick. I'm lost when I don't have him," Sirlin said. 

Their bond is undeniable, which made it even harder when Professor Colton was recently diagnosed with an adrenal tumor. 

Sirlin and her family are preparing for a trip to California soon so Professor Colton can undergo surgery. 

"It's been very scary, thinking about it, but UC Davis gives him the best chance," Sirlin said.

"I really want to stay in touch with Colton during that time and make sure that he's doing OK," said Mindy Nethery, a PVCC student. "My professor, definitely cutest thing ever."

We couldn't agree more. 

Credit: 12 News
Professor Colton sleeps in class, but he's still a good boy.


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