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2nd annual Tinsel Trot or Basset Hound convention?

An abundance of Basset Hounds showed up at Big Spring Park to strut their stuff. Oh, and their owners happened to be there too.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Every kind of dog was welcome to the 0.5K Tinsel Trot, but the short marathon was hosted by the Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama (BHRA) and Downtown Huntsville, Inc. causing an influx of Basset Hounds. 

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BHRA rescues, fosters and adopts out Basset Hounds. Ideally, they like to rescue and keep the hounds in Alabama but are flexible and willing to transport the dogs if it seems that a dog will not be able to be adopted by someone who lives in the state.

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"We can see what vet issues they have, if they have any behavior issues, you know, do they like to be with kids, do they like to be with cats, do they like other dogs or would they rather be by themselves. So, that's kind of an advantage of getting a dog that's been fostered rather than just getting a dog you don't know what its temperament is or something like that," said Amanda King, BHRA event coordinator.

The BHRA website currently has two dogs available for adoption, as of Sunday, December 6.

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