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305 8th Street celebrates different abilities of its residents

The adult residents of local nonprofit 305 8th Street show the world that they are not disabled, but that they have different abilities instead!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "Every single person in life has something that they're not good at, or they can't do because of physical or mental or just financially and so instead of saying disabilities we all have different abilities," said 305 8th Street Assistant Director Cydney Amos. 

Although we all have something we may not be the best at, most of us can say we have a hobby. 

The same goes for the residents at 305 8th Street.

"It gives them purpose and gives them something to do rather than just sit around on the couch all day."

The nonprofit looks at things through a different lens and celebrates all the different abilities of its residents.

"Danny has built over 426 airplanes in his life, and they're really good. Like, there's little men that he's put in there, like steering wheels, controls like it's just amazing," said Amos. "Carlene has made several blankets for friends that have had babies, things like that. She sells, yarn placemats at our functions that we have, and she's always she always has a needle in her hand like crocheting away so she's really good at it."

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Just like many of us, Carlene learned how to do her hobby online. 

"I just watched it on YouTube and it just happened," said 305 Resident Carlene.

"Our residents clothe themselves, feed themselves, entertain themselves. Some of them can drive themselves to work, some of them are fine just being content doing their own thing every day," said Amos. "They all have ambitions and they all have love to give and they all have a purpose in life just like you and me. And they belong in our community and they belong to be heard and to be loved."

Luckily for the people of 305 8th street - they get to see these different abilities in action every day.

"Our mission here at 305 Eighth Street is to provide our residents a safe, healthy and loving environment to call home," said Amos.

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