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Bruce the goose gets new 3D bill

A goose gets a fresh start, thanks to volunteers with a 3D printer.

This is Bruce the goose. He was injured by a raccoon and almost lost his life. But then, the community came together to build him something pretty special.

"If you knew Bruce, you get a feeling he's kind of a buddy and you're helping a pal."

Bruce is a thirteen-year-old, webbed feet, feathered friend. More specifically, a domestic, Chinese goose with a lot of love.

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"Has a lot of attitude and opinions, but he loves people."

When Bruce was injured by a raccoon, the top portion of his bill was gone. 

"Their mouth will dry out. Their tongue gets very dry and uncomfortable. They can't eat as well. They can't drink. They can't take care of themselves. They can't defend themselves."

Bruce's friends designed a new bill for him, using their computer. 

"These supports that hold up, like, the dome so that it doesn't cave in."

After printing multiple models and fitting them to Bruce, they were finally ready to print a more malleable bill. "We have used a glue that's, it's used in dentistry for placing crowns in place."

Creating two little holes at the top, Bruce's new crown allows him to eat normally again, to groom himself, and to fit in at the farm.

"The other animals would see this piece was missing and they would not accept him."

Now Bruce the goose can help other's fit in too. 

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"One thing we really enjoy is taking these animals into places, like assisted living or hospitals, things like that, where people can see how their lives are turning out and the pleasure they can bring. And it just helps their lives immensely"

Bruce is now expected to live at least two or three more years, but because of his new bill, he could be living much longer.