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Finding the balance in dating and social distancing

Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, and more are posting messages about staying home, having phone calls and video chats, and stressing the importance of social distancing.

Self-isolating amid COVID-19 means it's now also a social distance dating world.

Matchmaker Karine Charbonneau tells singles to stay optimistic, they can still try to meet someone even if they can't meet up in person.

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"Just take positive steps to really occupy your time, and, you know, finding love might not be at your top priority right now, but, it gives you that sense of hope and the sense of connection with other people when you are trying to put yourself out there and yes, we are all putting ourselves out there virtually now."

Charbonneau's "find veg love" matches vegetarians and vegans, but, the advice goes for everyone.

She and other matchmakers are hosting virtual mixers.

"Just a way to help the community, and help people that might be feeling really stuck and alone and just give them a fun opportunity to participate in something while still being social and interacting with other people." 

Karine says matchmakers are coaching virtual dates.

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"Camera angle is huge. Lighting. The background, like if your background is like, you know, showcasing a room that's like super messy, that's not really a good sign, and just imagine that you're actually going out on a real date."

And, she says the set up can be a shortcut to good communication.

"People are gonna be forming really strong bonds pretty quickly because there's nothing else to do other than communicating."

As for dating apps, it's all become about dating from home.