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Our powerful, national network of resources is combined with insights-driven, localized marketing solutions to deliver results for your business.
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Advertise with WZDX, My8, and MeTV in the Tennessee Valley

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Our WZDX team of sales and marketing professionals is here for you and your business.

What is WZDX? 

WZDX is not only the proud home of our legacy station FOX 54, but we also offer more entertainment than any other media company in the Tennessee  Valley.

Tell Me About Your Programming

WZDX proudly broadcasts digital subchannels MyNet MeTV, and Court TV Mystery. As a viewer, you’ll see our customers align their messages with everyone’s favorite dramas and sitcoms on 54.2, My8; Classic favorites of yesteryear can be found on MeTV 54.3; And escape into hours of nail-biting and crime-solving while watching Court TV Mystery on 54-4.

Give Me Your Elevator Pitch

Our vast array of news, entertainment, and FOX Sports programming combined with the unmatched power of TEGNA Marketing Solutions is the amplifier you need to reach potential customers.

No, Really, What is WZDX?

Born in 1985, WZDX FOX 54 has admittedly gone through a coming-of-age identity crisis in recent years. Today, RocketCityNow.com is the online extension of WZDX FOX 54. We are proud to be the FOX affiliate in Huntsville-Decatur- (Florence). Our journalists bring local and worldwide stories to an audience of active and engaged readers. 

RocketCityNow.com covers news, streaming video, sports, entertainment, and an overall celebration of the people of the Tennessee Valley. RocketCityNow.com is available on desktop, mobile phones, and the WZDX News App,. We're also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

TEGNA Digital Offerings

WZDX- TV is owned and operated by TEGNA Media, one of the largest local media companies in the world. Our powerful, national network of resources is combined with insights-driven, localized marketing solutions to deliver results for your business. 

We offer integrated marketing services that are designed to be customized for any client solution, and we’re committed to helping you grow by providing expertise, innovation, and scale through our powerful brands and products. 

To learn more about reaching your desired audiences any time and on any screen, click here.

Targeted Visibility for Local Businesses

WZDX is proud to partner with Simpl.fi Holdings, Inc. for unparalleled audience targeting services. Simili.fi provides our sales team with on-demand resources to maximize addressable targeting ad services. We have the expertise to fence specific geographical areas with your digital marketing, and provide behavioral, psychographic, and demographic targeting. Simpli.fi, in partnership with hundred of television stations, helps local businesses of all sizes increase visibility, convert more customers, and gain a competitive edge with custom solutions for specific neighborhoods and communities. For more information, visit Simpli.fi.

Over half of the market population (500,000+ persons) use connected TV streaming services to view their favorite programming. Connected TV, or OTT is a highly coveted means of delivering the right message to the right audience in addressable. Premion is the industry leader in OTT solution customization, fulfillment, and reporting; We are pleased to partner with Premion on all OTT. 

Why Does It Matter Who Our Partners Are?

 In addition to holding ourselves to the highest standards in customer service, it is critical that you have full transparency on all marketing campaigns; Premion and Simpli.fi provide exactly that.

Get results.

Send an e-mail to Director of Sales Carrie Yates at cyates@tegna.com, find her on LinkedIn, or call (256) 755-3248.

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Advertising Terms and Conditions
Your investment of broadcast or online advertising is subject to TEGNA’s standard advertising terms and conditions available here.

Credit: TEGNA
WZDX Director of Sales, Carrie Yates

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