Ian Thies - Week 5 First Down Friday Night MVP

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Last week, Ian Thies racked up 344 total yards and  scored 7 touchdowns to lead Westminster Christian to a 66-36 win over Hayden.

"It was a lot of fun just getting the ball around to a lot of people," says Ian Thies.  "Everyone got to get into the end zone, all our starting offensive skills, so it was a lot of fun just spreading it around."

"To go from not having a lot of offensive production to having that much last week against a bigger opponent is to me just a testament how coach able he's been," says Louis Leblanc.  "To take the correction to see what's wrong and then fix it."

Thies is a lot more confident on the field this season after starting last year as a sophomore he has made big improvements.

"I feel a lot better this year, just working the off season, and having talent all around. It's something I'm used to and I'm just more comfortable getting into it."
"Ian has grown and matured so much since last year when he was basically just thrown from the frying pan to the fire. But I really see the growth from him and i definitely see the potential for more."

The junior is hoping he can help take the Wildcats further, they already have three wins so far after finishing just 2-8 last year.

"It's a lot more fun just changing it up and being to actually flip it around and try to make a name for the school. It inspires us to just keep pushing harder and continue working hard."



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