Armoni Goodwin - First Down Friday Night Week 9 MVP

I kind of picked him out a long time ago, the coaching staff and myself did. He's just got that about him, he's got the it factor."

The it factor makes Armoni Goodwin special, and he's making a name for himself on the field.

In Florence's game against Hazel Green he rushed for 313 yards and 5 touchdowns to give the Falcons not only a win, but a spot in the post season.

"I just had to do it to help my team out and help my players out to win a playoff," said Armoni Goodwin . "It's my first time being in the playoffs. It feels good to make it to the playoffs and stuff."

"He's been bringing a burst to our offense all season long," said J.B. Wallace. "Very very consistent player, I mean he's a big time player."

Goodwin is only a freshman and it seems like the sky is the limit for the running back.

"I've never seen a freshman perform at this level, as he's doing. I could see him really putting the team on his back as he gets older and being able to carry the team and do things like that. It's just exciting to see how he can mature and how he'll be in the next few years."
"It feels good. Just to be out here with the varsity and stuff. They say they want to be in my shoes and stuff."

He put's in the work not only on friday night's, but every day in practice. he knows he has to work hard if he wants his dreams to come true

"I want to play football when I get up to college and go to the NFL."



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