UPDATE: Missing Guntersville teen found

UPDATE: 03/20 - ALEA, The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, has canceled the Emergency Missing Child Alert saying that 14-year-old Ruby Webb has been located.

She was found at 1:00AM Monday morning in the Walmart parking lot. A Guntersville police officer happened to be driving through the parking lot and spotted her. She was taken back to her parents' house.

Guntersville police says they haven't interviewed her yet about why she left, how she got there and who she might have been with. 

More information should be released on this case.


14-year-old Ruby Webb is in the 8th grade. Ruby's P.E. teacher tells WZDX News this is Ruby's first year at her new school after transferring from Marshall Christian Academy, which is closer to Guntersville. And her teacher says she likes having Ruby in her class.

Ruby's P.E. Teacher, Cassie Mullinax, says, "[She's] quiet, doesn't cause any trouble. Does what I say. Very respectful. Just a good girl to have."

News of Ruby Webb going missing, stunned the school this weekend.

Mullinax says, "Well, everybody that I talked to is very surprised. 'Cause again, she's not somebody that would leave."

Guntersville police officers say Ruby went missing on Friday. When I reach out to them for comment they said their lead investigator was busy checking tips about Ruby.

Ruby is the second teenage girl to go missing in Marshall County in the last four month. And the second in the last week in the southeast. With little information after the first day, a Guntersville counselor suspects a similar trend.

Calley Kutner, who's a middle school counselor, says, "It's a problem right now. I know there's some apps that they can use to arrange meetings for after school. And when I hear of missing children, especially teenagers, that's the first thought that comes through my mind."

Meanwhile her teacher hope after this week's Spring Break, she'll have full attendance.

Mullinax says, "I'm hoping for her to come back Monday, with a smile on her face in my third period class."

If you have any information about Ruby Webb's whereabouts Guntersville Police officers would like to hear from you. You can call them at (256) 571-7571.

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