Shooting for the stars: Making space travel affordable

That's the goal of an aerospace engineer and entrepreneur

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Making shooting for the stars more affordable: that's the goal of an aerospace entrepreneur who inspired students at UAH Tuesday afternoon.

"We need to have the ability to go into space without having to charge an insane amount," said Mishaal Ashemimry. "If you drive the price down and it becomes more commonplace, the likelihood of us advancing science and technology is a lot bigger than before."

At age six Ashemimry gazed up at the stars in a Saudi Arabian desert and started asking questions. At age 26 she was running a company with the mission to drive down the cost of space travel. She says doing this involves building as much equipment in-house as possible and adding more private companies to the market.

But no one said rocket science was easy.

"You are going to experience challenges that will make you extremely emotional, that will put you at the edge of darkness when it comes to emotions," Ashemimry said in her presentation.

"Sometimes I felt like, 'Why am I into this? Should I just change? Why am I into this?' But then I realized any time anyone speaks about aerospace I just light up," she told WZDX News.

Aerospace engineering student Tomoya Ueno knows both of these feelings and took Ashemimry's words to heart: don't give up.

"By overcoming something people can learn," he said.

Ashemimry won't give up on making space travel more affordable. After all it was in the dark she first saw the stars that led her here.

"You need to be open to failure because from failure you are going to succeed," she said.

Ashemimry hopes in the future anyone who's healthy will be able to go to other planets if they want to. They just need to develop the rockets to do so.

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