Owens Cross Roads church suffers hundreds of thousands in damages after flooding

Congregation cleans after rain causes flooding of Owens Cross Roads church

OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. - An Owens Cross Roads preacher said water from an overflow of a nearby creek, after it rained Wednesday, caused major flooding at his church.  Now, minister Justin Pannell and his congregation are left cleaning up damage, just one month shy of the buildings one year anniversary.

"I was blown away at the amount of water. There was water covering most of the floor in the entire building," said Pannell.

When Pannell opened the doors to Owens Cross Roads Church of Christ on Thursday morning, he was greeted with a flooded building. "As best we can estimate the water probably came in about an inch deep," he said. 

The worship center suffered the most damage. "We had to pull out all the carpet that was in there, also in our fellowship hall that room was greatly affected. We're pulling up the laminate flooring and so I would say probably 75% of the building was impacted by this,” Pannell explained.

Damage this size could typically cost about $200,000. Pannell said the insurance company will not cover it.  For now, members of the congregation are helping clean up the mess.

"It looks like the professional company has left at this point, but we still have their equipment here that we'll be keeping for a few days to dry out the area here, but there's a lot of work for us to do over the next few days,” said Pannell.

Pannell said he plans to have church service in the building on Sunday morning. 

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