Nurse-in held at gym that asked a mom to feed her baby in a restroom

Management held private meeting with breastfeeding mother

ATHENS, Ala. - A North Alabama mother is breathing a sigh of relief after she says an Athens gym asked her to breastfeed her daughter in a restroom.

After outcry on social media the mother and a group of parents held a "nurse-in" outside the Sportsfit gym.

"I think we both agreed that it wasn't right," said Ruha Tacey.

At Sportsfit, management told WZDX News the gym is not commenting right now on an incident involving a mother and her daughter.

Ruha Tacey did share with us she spoke with management Wednesday morning.

The gym called her requesting a sit down in the moments before the nurse-in started.

"They're definitely in a agreement that it wasn't right to ask me to either cover up or go to the restroom to breastfeed my child," said Tacey. 

Despite the rain and the one-on-one, just over a hand full of mothers congregated outside the gym's main entrance.

"There are a lot of moms who are not as strong in their breastfeeding and as strong and comfortable and already have a lot of obstacles," said Rebekah Armstrong.

Laws in the state do protect breastfeeding mothers in public or private venues.

Armstrong said, "It's there to protect moms and their right to breastfeed and comfort and nurture and feed their child wherever they're legally allowed to be."

"I did get my apology that I was hoping, laughter," said Tacey.

Tacey told WZDX the gym explained to her, it is working to educate and train its employees.

"They did definetly agree that the way everything was handled was not to their standards and not how they would like for it to be handled in the future," said Tacey.

WZDX did reach out to Sportsfit gym for a statement on this week's events.

Our request for comment was denied.

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