Not enough seats at new Grissom High School

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The first week of school just wrapped up in Huntsville and some parents and students from the new Grissom High School say things didn’t roll out very smoothly.

A big concern comes from several of them who say their kids had to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough seats.

"Number one, it's a new school so they should be prepared for all of this," said Maria Benoit.

Benoit's granddaughter is one of the more than 1800 students at the new school. Benoit says she was one of the lucky ones because she got a seat in class.

"One of her classes there was 30 students but they only had 24 chairs, 24 desks," she said.

Benoit says the six kids out of luck? They sat on the floor.

To a recent graduate whose sister is still enrolled, lack of space even with such a big school, doesn't come as a surprise to him.

"The classroom sizes seem a bit too small for each class of 30, especially with the size of the school now,” said Coner Huffaker. “I was concerned for my sister's future."

Huffaker predicts the school will have to add on and says he's worried. Benoit is frustrated.

"It’s something that should've never took place to begin with,” Benoit said. “I mean like I said, you know how many students you're gonna have 'cause the students have to enroll."

But it's just that that the schools communications official says is the issue: A large number of students enrolling last-minute.

"As they're registering all these new kids that've been coming in these past few days they're making assessments and they'll make adjustments as they need," said Keith Ward, communications official with Huntsville City Schools.

Ward confirms there were "issues with furniture." He couldn't confirm there was any shortage of lunches, as Benoit believes.

Ward says it's exciting more people want to go to Grissom and this is why it's so important to register for school early.

"Those are things that help with that plan,” he said. "So if you've got sort of a surge or influx here a the last minute during those first few days of school, and we have those sometimes with a few schools, and with a new school, then we'll have to make shifts and adjustments based on that."

Parents also said they have concerns about the amount of traffic around the school at the start and end of the school day. Ward says he believes traffic may smooth out once everyone gets used to the new traffic patterns.

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