New app makes sure kids get the message

It may seem like your kids are always glued to their phones.

So why is it they never respond to your text messages?

A new app ensures kids can't ignore their parents' text messages.

The "Reply ASAP" app takes over your child's phone, forcing them to answer you.

On FOX Business Network's "Mornings with Maria", the dad behind the app, Nick Herbert, said your text will sound an alarm even if your child's phone is set to silent mode.

Herbert says, "The message arrives on their phone and it puts a page over whatever they are doing so that they can't actually do anything on the phone until they acknowledge that message.

"Once they acknowledge the message, a message is sent back to the parent to say that they have definitely seen that message now. And after that, then the child's phone is free to be used as normal. So it doesn't physically lock it, it just puts a page over whatever they are doing."

Herbert says the app isn't meant to bug your kids but should be used for emergencies. He hopes it will eventually expand outside of families.

He says it's on the Android store and he's working on the iOS version, which should be out in a couple of weeks.

Find the Reply ASAP app here.


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