Local reaction to Roy Moore Allegations

Madison Co. responds to Roy Moore controversy

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Allegations made against the U.S. Senate candidate are on a lot of minds, including voters here in Madison County.

Pat Branhm said, "I don't think the timing has anything to do with whether or not the accusations are correct or incorrect."
Controversy surrounding Roy Moore is at the center of attention in the weeks leading up to the December 12 Election Day.
Since the news broke, folks have been sharing their opinions via social media and while shopping today.

"Sorry, it looks too demanding and too incriminating," said Branhm.

Some are calling for Moore to step down, others say he deserves due process.

With the election just a month away, there are people who believe this is the ugly side of politics showing its face.

Branhm said, "Unfortunately Alabama is in the forefront at this point in the news light."

When asked if voting for Moore is still an option, there were mixed answers between no, maybe and some who say they are just not voting.

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