Decatur entrepreneurs excited about new alliance

"An exciting moment" is how they describe it

DECATUR, Ala. - “An exciting moment” is how small business owners in Decatur describe the alliance made Tuesday. It’s between the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Entrepreneurial Center in Morgan County.

Having two prominent business development agencies working together means there are no more baby steps on the way to economic change. The mission: Help out local small business owners and keep ‘em coming.

"When you first get started you're a little bit intimidated," said Yvette Rice.

Rice's business is still in it's Pre-K stages. She's one to do her homework on getting resources, but it's still easier said than done.

"When you're trying to get even government contacts or opportunities for your business it's almost like you feel like David and Goliath is standing there competing with you," she said.

So this announcement about a promise to give entrepreneurs like her a hand... It's a pretty big deal.

"It's really an exciting moment for us. I see it as a way that your city is behind you backing you as you try to develop your business,” Rice continued. “It's almost like having a phone app that leads you directly to where you're trying to go as far as building your business."

"You know it's time to not just be happy with the economy that we have, but to expand it," said John Joseph with the Decatur-Morgan Entrepreneurial Center.

Joseph is one of the people with a vision of the future Decatur. Businesses big, small, tech-y, or food-y... They're all invited.

"We want to create a culture where all of these companies feel like they can prosper and grow,” he said. “Because when that happens other companies look at you and they want to come be part of it as well."

The collaboration that was announced? It's just the first of hopefully many more to come.

"I want people to see Decatur as the river city of opportunity," said Rice.

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