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Couple shares sextuplet news with town

The Waldrops will have nine children after these six

An Albertville couple got the surprise of their lives when they found out they wouldn't be having one baby but six.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop are having sextuplets and on Saturday night their gender reveal party involved the entire community. Three boys and three girls will join the Waldrop's five-year old twins and eight-year old son.

"The community and close friends and church family’s been such as blessing to us, praying for us and showing their support," said Eric Waldrop.

The community showed their at the 5K run and gender reveal, but it's all been a tough one on the couple.

"When we first found it out we were pretty devastated to be honest with you,” Waldrop said. “But as time went on we kind of come to peace with it."

Waldrop says they were told the chances of having multiple babies was low with low dose fertility treatment.

Now they're still getting used to the fact their lives have changed forever, but at least they know their neighbors stand with them.

"It just kind of goes to show what a small community can do, rally around us and it's a blessing for sure," he said.

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