Saluting Jeffrey Marks for his service to our country and community

Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Marks wins $1,500 for his service to his country

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - At WZDX, we honor the sacrifice of our military families across the valley. Here's a special tribute to Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Marks, a man of courage, commitment and sacrifice, who's spent more than 27 years of his life protecting ours.

"I've never won anything," said Sergeant Jeffrey Marks' wife, Sherry. "So for him to win, for us to win, yes it's awesome!"

Sherry and her husband are so excited to receive a $1,500 check from Honda of North Alabama, Still Serving Veterans and WZDX News.

"I always tell my wife, if you do what's right and you help people, no matter who it is that good things will come to you," said Sergeant Marks.

The now full-time operations sergeant says he's grateful to win such an award.

"It just warms our heart every time something like this goes on and we see the community stepping up and taking care of our soldiers," said Bill Koch of Still Serving Veterans in Huntsville.

Sergeant Marks has traveled all over the world in the service of our country, including Afghanistan during Operation Freedom.

"I love my country," said Sergeant Marks. "It's the best country in the world. I don't care what anyone says."

Sherry calls her husband humble, selfless and thoughtful of others.

"I just never thought I'd be married to this awesome man. He's good to his soldiers. He's good to my kids and his kids."

Sherry says it's typical of him to help strangers, reflecting on the time he paid for a couple's groceries after learning the young parents were financially struggling for the essentials.

"He is that kind of person," said Mrs. Marks. "When he gives, he doesn't expect anything in return. There's just a lot to be learned from Jeff. He's just a good guy."

"We're proud of every one of our soldiers," said Koch. "They've all made a sacrifice... less than one percent of America does that."

Bill Koch says Still Serving Veterans is a non-profit organization. It was originally set up to help wounded warriors from returning from the war.

"We morphed into an organization to help them with anything they need," said Koch. "The main mission is to help them get a job. We don't charge them for any services."

If you're a veteran who is interested in their services, the organization is open from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday. It is located at 66 Clinton Avenue in Huntsville. Walk-ins are welcome.

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