Heart transplant survivor living with purpose, raising awareness

WZDX's Bob Boyer shares his powerful story of survival

Huntsville - April is National Donate Life Month. It's been going on for many years to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. Over 2,500 people in Alabama are waiting for a lifesaving transplant and nearly 115,000 nationwide.

WZDX's very own news production manager, Bob Boyer, shares the impact one organ donor left on his life.

"My left side of my heart was damaged so badly in a heart attack that it would never have recovered. They gave me about six months to live," he says. 

He was rushed to UAB Transplant Hospital and ran through a procedure to make sure he was healthy enough to receive an organ donation.

"Then you are placed on the list and that's the big waiting period," he adds. 

But miraculously, just 4 hours later... the doctors found a match. 

"I am very blessed to have received it. I really haven't had any complications since. It's an amazing miracle of modern medicine and just a miracle in general," he says. 

His organ donor saved not only Bob's life but 7 others too, and now bob has energy like he's never had before. 

"I am 52, but parts of me are 32 mostly my heart... so it gives me a lot of energy. It gives me the will to go out and do things, but I am really happy to have that chance to keep on going to spend time with my family and friends and just keep on going," he adds. 

When he isn't directing a news cast or being one of Santa's helpers during the holiday... he spends a lot of his time advocating the importance of organ donation. Bob says he's thankful for the wonderful family that made the decision to have their son's organs donated.

"I am really glad that I get to carry on their sons legacy a little bit everyday of my life. I think about him everyday I wake up so it's a very powerful thing, and it's very easy for someone to be an organ donor and I hope they will," he says. 

Becoming an organ donor is a simple process. When getting or renewing your driver's license there is an option to check the box stating that you want to be a donor. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and all kinds of tissues can save the lives of many. There is also a website to register. 





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