Hands Across the Border kicks off

Law enforcement will be looking for people not wearing their seatbelts

Alabama and Tennessee law enforcement agencies are teaming up to make sure drivers in the area are safe.

It's all part of the hands across border campaign.

Checkpoints are set up at various border crossings, including the one on Hwy 72 near South Pittsburg, TN.

Starting tonight, law enforcement from Alabama and Tennessee will be on the lookout for people not wearing a seat belt.

Motorist Lexie Duncan thinks this is a good idea. "Sometimes, you know driving around, if you're driving right down the block you might not wear your seat belt. Most accidents and things could happen right near your house, so it’s probably a thing that should be enforced."

According to State Trooper Curtis Summerville, "Officers will be looking to make sure your driver’s license is valid, but we also want to look at equipment. So often there are people that are actually driving, there are little bitty things that are wrong with their vehicles and they don’t know it. If you never get back and get behind your vehicle you may not know that you have tail lights that are not functioning properly."

It's all a part of the Hands Across the Border campaign that kicks off Click It or Ticket season.

Alabama state troopers say the initiative is to promote safe driving and prevent fatal car crashes.

Summerville says, "The summer brings about a whole different dynamic when it comes to driving because there’s more people out there. Typically, you would have people driving back and forth to work but now you have people traveling.”

A couple of drivers said they were concerned about people on their phones texting and people driving around without insurance

Troopers hope their presence will make a difference on the road.

Summerville told us, “I think that we should all be cautious, and them checking can only help people be more aware of what’s going on and what’s around them.

"We want to encourage everybody to certainly put your seatbelts on. That’s easy. It only takes 2-3 seconds and it can could mean the rest of your lives."

More checkpoints will be set up in both states throughout the summer.


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