Future sister cities plan ideas exchange to spur economy

MOULTON, Ala. - Bridging the gap between urban and rural communities is the goal teams from Lawrence County and Boston started working toward on Sunday.

It's an exchange of ideas and culture to spur economic development in Lawrence County and to bring southern hospitality to Boston.

"Taking that urban/rural divide and pairing communities in our country to work together," explained Susanne Goldstein, founder of Exchange Nation.

The plan: to create sister cities to, on one side, boost the county's economy with big city ideas.

"We need industry, we need economic growth, we need businesses and jobs here in Lawrence County," said Proncey Robertson with Team Lawrence County.

And bring small town charm and values to the city streets.

"We call it 'Just Smile Boston,'" Robertson said.

"There's a way of life here that I think we could benefit from that is about community," said Goldstein "And is about caring for each other in a way that we have a really great opportunity as Bostonians to learn from."

It was all filmed for a documentary to reach a wider audience and to show the bigger lesson on how breaking down stereotypes through conversation can lead to a more productive country.

"We don't know what they're really like until you take the time to sit down, have a conversation," said Goldstein. "We can find opportunities to heal, opportunities to realize we are the same more than we are different."

"If we can have that kind of an exchange it will be productive for both communities and that's what we hope to do out of this project." 

On Monday the Boston Team meets with the Lawrence County Commission and the Industrial Development Board for the first time.

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