For Dolce Pan Bakery, sending Hurricane Maria aid hits close to home

Dolce Pan raising money for people trapped in Puerto Rico

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  A mom and pop restaurant is sending help to people trapped on the desperate island of Puerto Rico. 

Dolce Pan Bakery is a hub for the Puerto Rican community in Huntsville. More than a week after Hurricane Maria battered the island, Puerto Ricans here are still having a hard time locating family back home. 

Jossie Beltran is the co-owner of Dolce Pan Bakery.  

Beltran tells WZDX her family in Puerto Rico is struggling to survive.  "They don't have any gas, they don't have any signal, they have to drive to two towns north to get some signal, so they're still not getting a lot of the help they should be getting."

Beltran feels it's her duty to offer that help. She's working with the American Red Cross to provide the devastated island with a new Emergency Response Vehicle. "The Red Cross is going to assign us a link where everyone can go into the page and donate for those vehicles to be replaced, because they were damaged," explained Beltran. 

Click here for Dolce Pan Bakery's Red Cross Link.

The ERV will carry food, water and supplies Puerto Ricans so desperately need. "Think about the people that are sleeping outside, that don't have any electricity, any water, anything... and just help, any help is appreciated," Beltran said. 

If you want to learn more about Dolce Pan or their Puerto Rico relief efforts, head over to their Facebook page.

Dolce Pan is located at 2818 Governors Dr SW in Huntsville.

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