Fire ignites determination in Tate Farm family

"We're gonna get ready and we're gonna go on," said Steve Tate.

MERIDIANVILLE, Ala. - The overnight fire that destroyed a new building at Tate Farms has ignited more determination in the family. We still don't know what caused the fire, but we do know how the community is picking up the pieces.

"We're gonna get ready and we're gonna go on," said Steve Tate. "So that's the message I want to get out."

Tate is the fourth generation of the Tate Farm family to spend his life's work caring for crops and animals on the farm. What's now rubble was the newest addition to the grounds full of history and memories.

"We just got through with that new building last week and it's on the ground today," Tate said.

With opening day just a few weeks away, you may think the flames would be a major set back. Well then you haven't met the Tates. The family, friends, and volunteers spent the day squashing the fire that couldn't burn away the devotion to their farm. Tomorrow they rebuild.

"We've gotta get ready, we've got a lot to do all of the sudden," Tate continued. "But we're excited about getting a little new energy and here we go."

The fire may have destroyed some of their buildings, but it can't destroy their generations of dedication to the community.

"We're a community farm now. We're where people come in the fall for their event," Tate said. "So a lot of people kind of have an ownership in this indirectly and we're responsible for keeping it up. And that's what we're gonna do we'll have it ready. You guys are counting on us so we'll be ready."

The family met to form a plan Sunday afternoon. Tate says opening day will be right on schedule. The farm's pumpkin season is just around the corner and Tate says not to worry because the pumpkins are just fine.

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