Success With Science: NASA Engineers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Dawn Stanley always had a love for math and science... she was a proud mathlete while growing up in the Huntsville City School system... and still brags about her computer programming team winning state!! Her ability to crunch numbers and code opened up a whole new universe for her.

"I had the opportunity, one of my counselors suggested that I apply for an internship here at Marshall Space Flight Center in high school. Its called the SHARK program. The summer high school apprenticeship research program. So I was able to work at NASA for two summers and that really sealed the deal for me and I was able to say this is what I want to do."

Stanley attended UAH and received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Chemical Engineering with a Minor in Biology. She's now been at NASA for 25 years and is a key player in NASA's next biggest goal...

"We are getting to design and build the space launch system which is the next large scale rocket for NASA. So we are designing the rocket that is going to take astronauts to Mars and beyond."

As the System Engineering and Integration Technical Manager for the SLS Chief Engineers Office, Stanley has a lot of responsibility.

"I get to work with the engineers who are designing the rocket who are providing the environments that the rocket will see when it launches as it ascends and when it is in space."

Outside of work and being a mother, Stanley still finds time to give back and help inspire the next generation of engineers.

"You can do anything that you set your mind to. And to set goals and to understand that to achieve anything it is going to take work. And so don't be afraid of hard work."

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