Details of Maysville murders exposed during hearing

Preliminary hearing held Tuesday for Christopher Henderson

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WZDX) - New details were exposed Tuesday as a man charged with murdering five people at a home in Maysville in August appeared in court.    

At a preliminary hearing for Christopher Henderson, authorities said three of the victims were stabbed and a fourth was shot before the home on St. Clair Lane was set on fire.

During the hearing, Madison County Investigator Eugene Nash said Henderson approached him while in jail and said, "I'm glad you caught me now, because I could not have lived with what I'd done."

Henderson, 40, and Rhonda Carlson, 42, are charged with multiple counts of capital murder for the killings.

They're accused of killing Jean Smallwood, 67; Kristen Chambers Henderson, 35; Clayton Chambers, 8; and 1-year-old Eli Sokolowski. Kristen Henderson also was pregnant when she was murdered. Christopher Henderson also is charged with the infant's murder.

During Tuesday's preliminary hearing, Investigator Nash said Smallwood was shot to death, and Kristen Henderson and Chambers were stabbed to death. Sokolowski also was stabbed, Nash said, but he died from smoke inhalation.

Nash said Carlson was seen on surveillance video wearing gloves and carrying a gas can at the scene, but she told investigators Henderson was the one who poured the gasoline and lit the fire.

Christopher Henderson was married to both Kristen Henderson and to Carlson. Kristen and Christopher were going through a divorce, and Kristen had filed a protection from abuse petition days before she was killed.

Carlson has a preliminary hearing set for Oct. 22.

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